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2022-07-15 23:01:39 By : Ms. JHC KIMAFUN

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I'm nowhere near a master chef, and quite frankly, I'm not the biggest fan of cooking due to all the excessive tools and pans it seems to take to make one meal. That's why the new Ninja Foodi PossiblePan caught my eye; it's similar to Our Place's multi-functional Always Pan, which I've seen all over the internet. The premise of both these nonstick skillets is that they simplify cooking by combining the attributes of multiple pieces of cookware into one. The pans are designed to function as a steamer, strainer, saute pan, fry pan, and more. 

All told, the Always Pan claims to replace eight pieces of cookware, while the PossiblePan claims 12. Of course, we've always been a bit skeptical of this claim since some items the pans claim to replace, like a "fry pan" and a "skillet", are actually different names for the same item. A more accurate description is that these are both just very thoughtfully designed high-sided skillets that can cook a wide variety of recipes.

I really wanted to know which of these popular pans is the best option, so to find out, I cooked the same three recipes in each skillet. I cooked a pasta dish to test the included strainers, steamed veggies to test the integrated strainer and steamer basket, and pan-seared salmon for the nonstick coating. Here's how it went:

The Always Pan is perfect for small kitchens and a favorite to many, with its unique aluminum body and convenient and useful features such as an integrated spoon rest. The Ninja Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan is quite similar, but it's oven safe and bigger than the Always Pan.

I used the skillets throughout a week of cooking, and I was truly impressed with both options. Either would make a hugely helpful addition to a small kitchen, especially if you're either new to cooking, prefer a simple setup, or really hate doing dishes. Here's how the two pans compare at a glance:

Nothing is worse than flipping delicate fish or a pancake, and having it stick to the pan. Plus, no one likes scrubbing off burnt-on residue. Fortunately, the Always Pan and PossiblePan's interiors are made with a unique nonstick coating that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. The Always Pan is coated with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly ceramic nonstick coating. The PossiblePan uses an exclusive PTFE-based coating free of lead, cadmium, and PFOA. 

I put these nonstick pans to the test and cooked salmon in each pan without adding any oil or butter. Both skillets heated up within one minute on medium heat and thoroughly cooked my salmon. I was able to flip the fish without a single residue or seasoning being stuck to the pan.

I usually boil my vegetables, but after the PossiblePan and Always Pan steamed my vegetables in 10 minutes, you will never catch me waiting five minutes just for my water to heat up again. 

I poured one cup of water in each pan, which was the perfect buffer between the pan surface and the steam basket. Once I finished prepping my broccoli, both pains were already hot and ready for steaming.

The main difference between the steamers is the handles. The PossiblePan has traditional side handles, while the Always Pan has two thin metal handles that fold up in a basket design. I had to use oven mitts to handle the steamers, but both cooled off very quickly. If I had to choose, I'd say that the PossiblePan's handles better protected my hands from the heat throughout cooking.

I was a bit worried about boiling pasta in a skillet versus a deep pot, but since both pans say you're able to cook pasta right within the strainer, I figured I would give it a try. The Always Pan's steamer basket sits lower in the pan, so it passed this test without any water overflowing (though it was close). 

I can't say the same for the PossiblePan, however, which quickly boiled over, since the strainer sits higher in the pan. The PossiblePan is deep enough that you can easily boil pasta normally and strain it once it's done, but I wish the strainer sat lower in the pan. It was so nice to be able to just lift my cooked pasta right out of the water without hurrying over to the sink.

I usually have to soak my skillets after using them before scrubbing or putting them in the dishwasher, but cleaning these two skillets was a breeze. Both the PossiblePan and Always Pan are dishwasher safe, but the wooden beechwood spatula is not dishwasher safe. Our Place recommends hand washing the Always Pan and its wooden spatula with a soft sponge, which Our Place included as a bonus gift. 

I hand washed the PossiblePan and Always Pan once they cooled off and within a few scrubs, they were like new. Both pans also cleaned well in the dishwasher, with no leftover food oils or particles.

It's no secret that the Always Pan and PossiblePan aren't the most affordable, costing over $100, but seeing that my $40 nonstick pans coating starts to flake within months, I was curious to find out if there is really a difference in durability with a more expensive pan. 

When I opened the PossiblePan right away, I could tell this pan was more durable than my flimsy cookware with its sturdiness and heft. It also sticks out from most skillets, including the Always Pan, because of its high heat tolerance, which is not common for most nonstick cookware. According to Ninja's site, this all-in-one pan is superheated at 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While the Always Pan is sturdy and has a solid weight of 3 pounds, it's less heat resistant. In fact, the brand recommends using it on low to medium heat for a lasting nonstick coating, and it's not safe for use in the oven.

While I didn't use either pan long enough to truly gauge durability, I was surprised that Our Place really only gives you 30 days of hassle free returns, whereas the PossiblePan guarantees the coating for 10 years and the other parts for life. To me, this gave the Ninja PossiblePan the win in the durability department.

Although the Always Pan also made cooking easier and quicker, the PossiblePan is bigger, more durable with its high heat tolerance, and is a tad cheaper, making it the overall best multifunctional pan. I don't think you'll have a bad experience with either pan, but the Ninja Foodi PossiblePan is the one I'll be reaching for in my kitchen.

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